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    Register and prepared for the live server ...! Master Account is Online http://elysian.l2pay.cc/account/register
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    donate like this always destroy the server, i dont mind moirai or even vesper, but with vorpal/ +6/full att, its rly p2w and server wont survive a month with this.
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    Shot00010.bmp Shot00017.bmp Shot00028.bmp
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    Hello to you too. 1. This is definitely not a server's problem. If you use this deadz interface from previous servers, remove it, use our files. Also clean your game client from previous junk (like custom animations etc.) 2. This is the real XP system. It's sad but most of the European players are unable to even XP their players. You are free to log in and level up a character to a proper server (like Scryde or RPG-CLub) and compare the experience with our server. 3. Because you are used to play at servers that the rates for this quest are different, doesn't make this our problem 🙂 4. Same like the above. What's the problem trying spoil 2 or 3 times, until success in a x100 server with mana potions on Gm Shop ? 5. You should go play a x1000 server 🙂 6. What ?? 7. You can increase the reuse, so it will not stack. Feel free to do this and let me know. I am sure that if it's having a problem we are able to fix it. 8. Where you see the "N/A" option, this means option is disabled. I am pretty sure you can live without Auto Pickup of the herbs 🙂 9. If you can't find a party, that doesn't mean that every character you see in Giran is a bot. Some other servers reporting 10k online and sometimes 15k. Did you complain to them too? 10. This is PTS spawn of DV. Our server uses PTS spawnlists and will continue to use. Read the information before joining any Server. It will save you time in case you do not agree with the features. 11. Group chances work perfect. I have tested everything myself 🙂
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    and this mean ? there is full buff for reflect in alt b buffer even if db disarm he kill himself with refflect lmao are u trying to make another mage server like all others or u wanna be retail like it please u to say check the link i sent +0 disarm base chance is 70% but yeah you are "retail"
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    Why safe enchant +3???Don't u think u have too many stuff retail?After all u are a custom server..
  7. 1 point
    Quest reward is x1 . This is too low for x100 . Raise it pls
  8. 1 point
    I think there should be a way to farm S80 and S84 armors and weapons without having to donate or create a spoiler to farm mats to craft them. Items like that should be available with festival adena or some special coins you can farm in a high lvl area so you can get S84 items without changing to a dwarf. Having to craft S84 items on a x100 server sounds a bit boring, especially when people who donate can get them on the first hour of the game and kill everybody else.
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    Γεια σας και από μας λοιπόν παιδιά συνεχίζουμε κανονικά με μεγαλύτερη διασκεδάσει πάντα για το game ... Ένας υπέροχος server ελπίζω όλα τα member μας να μας ακολουθήσουν και αυτό θα γίνει γιατί γίναμε μια μεγάλη παρέα... καλό game σε όλους σύντομα η clan δυναμικά κοντά σας..