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  1. =Noel=

    some bugs-suggestions i found

    Yes because if I am a Blade Dancer for example and I get inside an Olympiad game and cast my dances to me, then I will not have 2 hours dances. 🙂 Does this make sense ?
  2. =Noel=

    Wrong amount of fame needed PVP weapon.

    Hello and sorry for late reply. I guess you're speaking about Reputation manager NPC ? I think Dynasty dual daggers are in the same category with Dynasty dual sword so I guess that the price is correct. Compared also with other source files to verify this.
  3. =Noel=

    cardinal body of avatar

    I have already done this 🙂 http://prntscr.com/jxa3yg As I said in another topic, use our client files. Skill is working fine.
  4. =Noel=

    Vote reward

    Hello please use this guide here.
  5. =Noel=

    Pet Bugged

    I tested this with reanimated man too and is working fine for me either. Summon returns to the owner after attack normally. Pm me to check this with you when you can.
  6. =Noel=

    cardinal body of avatar

    On level 6, yes the restoration is 35%. I can verify that is working fine.
  7. =Noel=

    cardinal body of avatar

    Hello, it should heal 10% and increase max Hp by 10% for as long as you have the effect and it's working fine 🙂
  8. =Noel=

    Zaken instance

    You are definitely right. It's fixed. Thank you for the report.
  9. =Noel=

    Never saw worse server features like this.

    Hello again. I know its not a hate conversation and even if it was I really have no problem at all to discuss about too 🙂 All those things that you think it's bugged, I can only say that in the most European private servers are actually "changed" by purpose. So for example, changing the way XP system is working and making it more easier, of course will make the player's life easier but it will affect one more thing (with combination of other custom changes). The duration of the server. Have you ever wonder why European servers are lasting for 1 month max ? The answer is simple. Because owners are customizing everything making their servers super easy. In our case, we really don't like this. I am not saying that we have the perfect server and i know that there is a long road ahead, but please don't bug report us things that you have just forgot how they should work cause you're playing to servers like those described above. Our files are more close to Russian servers like Scryde, RPG even Averia and this is how we are going to continue to develope (+ adding most of the addons you already know). I know its hard for the Eu community to play to files like these but we are planning to make them as friendly as we can. Finally, of course I personally don't agree with many PTS features. Those people made servers for 15k online ++ that's why the hardness and the difficulty in most of the features. Every day we are trying to find the right formula. So to reply in your questions. 5. Trust me on this, these are the real rates. 6. Tell me the name of the NPC or ID and I will add it About recommendation system I have to find more info and I will let you know.
  10. =Noel=

    Zaken instance

    Let's hear more opinions about this.
  11. =Noel=

    Hide speed bug?

    Hello, the effect of Hide is decreasing speed. I suggest you to download a clean system from our website and replace completely your old one.
  12. =Noel=

    Pet Bugged

    Hello, I just tested this and works fine for me. Please give me more information about this (which summon, char and skill you used).
  13. =Noel=


  14. =Noel=

    LOG IN

    Pm me your account names.
  15. =Noel=

    some bugs-suggestions i found

    Hello guys and thanks for the report. I recommend you to read this guide about Attribute system here. I know it's custom, but the explanation is really good. You will find out that attributes are working perfect. About buffs, I understand that you are all used to play to servers that actually destroying some player skills, by changing the time of them, and i'm sorry but i have to tell you that this will not happen here. There is none serious server that will do this and you can check yourselves by logging into some of the biggest names out there. This is how we intend to make ours. I know there is still a distance however. Pm me the name of the monster that has these high rates for Vesper slasher please or write it down here.