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  1. ginIchi093

    some bugs-suggestions i found

    now fix pls spoil rate for vesper cutter in loa, u can check auction in game. Rate is like 1/3 per mob, everyone try to sell it ...
  2. ginIchi093

    Fortress farm with Castle

    Well cant reg fortress battle for farm KE because we have a castle, i know its normal, but here we play in mid rate with custom things so from my point of view, u should make it posibble. Dont tell me that i need to make another dual clan only for farm because of penalty when u leave a clan ...
  3. ginIchi093

    Never saw worse server features like this.

    well, thanks for reply, i didnt want to post some hate topic or something like that. I was just currious 5) i used to play 7x - 25x rates, this time play 100x rates and with this i didnt even notice a defference when i played like 20x rates. just saying. 6) i mean npc which give u buff " The Gift of Vitality " . hes should be for example in giran next to Priest of Blessing, but its seems like u delete him and put Yang "attribute master" instead of him. also what's wrong with recommend system, i did rec in friday and today i can give only 4 rec, it should reset everyday or no?
  4. like title said. I played many servers like this and still never saw worse features like here. Some things i dislike. 1) Deathmatch event with stupid transformation, also huge lags, its not only my problem, my friends lagged too. (fps lag) 2) Huge difference in lvls when exp, u need to be 9 lvl + - to get exp, have fun exp ur certification 3) Nobless quest, staff of barakiel, drops like 1 per 5 mobs, GL HF 4) Spoil succes rate at low lvl, like 1success per 3 spoils, dont even talk about spoil chances/rates 5) party exp ? really no. Try to exp with 3 dualboxes at the same time and u play like 15x exp rates. 6) where is Steaven Segal, npc for max vitallity. 7) .acp seems like bugged, potions are not used for reuse, for example mana pot have 10 sec cd but its used like 15+ sec when u are low mana 8).cfg auto herbs doesnt work 9) its says 4k+ players online and u see bots in giran, is this for real? Can't even find party for zaken or 7rb at third day after start .... 10) dragon valley, why better mobs have group of 3-4 ? u cant even take a hit or u are dead and still someone make them as group. dont understand this. 11) group chances work really bad. Full items drops are very low, only amount mats even life stones are very high I know barely some read this forum, but thill had to write this. Dunno if gm/admin will react but id like to know some answers.
  5. ginIchi093


    tried vesper dual daggers to +4 and 3x failed ... save should be at least +4 with this crap chances. Many servers have +4 save.
  6. ginIchi093

    Quest reward

    agree, whats point to make 100x exp when u have 1x quest...
  7. ginIchi093


    pls remove transformation like in dead match, also everytime i get cancel, i need to rebuff when i die and respawn, thats rly bad and it waste time.
  8. ginIchi093


    Dance of Blade Storm
  9. ginIchi093

    Nerf Donate

    donate like this always destroy the server, i dont mind moirai or even vesper, but with vorpal/ +6/full att, its rly p2w and server wont survive a month with this.