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  1. No gm isnt correct cuz icarus dual daggers costs 30k fame and vesper dual dagger costs 42k fame . IS not normal dynasty dual daggers costs 43k fame.
  2. As you can see dynasty weapons need 18.7k fame in order to become PVP. BUT in case of Dynasty Dual Daggers the fame need is beyond the fame need icarus dual daggrers and even Vesper dual daggers. Pls fix that . Regards.
  3. As i wrote on the title of this post. Daggr's skill Escape Shackle not working. Should remove any kind of root with 100% possibility. And it doesnt. Check it pls.
  4. Hi there. Its sonic buster-skill id =9 for Gladiators and for tyrants its force burst-skill id=17
  5. <a href="http://tinypic.com?ref=30a6wx0" target="_blank"><img src="http://i67.tinypic.com/30a6wx0.jpg" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>
  6. Gladiators and Tyrant melee aoe effect range its wrong. Here is a c/p from official database for the specific skill details. As you can see the skill CAST range is 40. AND THE eFFECT range is 400. So on our server both are 40. You should fix that pls. Pls respawnd. Base Crit Rate,%: 15Auto-attack after Skill: trueSS Boost: 2.0Target: Front Area (TARGET_FRONT_AREA)Skill Scope: fan;200;180Skill Radius: 200Overhit: Yes (true)Reuse Delay: 2000Hit Time: 720Cool Time: 280Skill Type: CHARGEDAMOperate Type: Active (OP_ACTIVE)Cast Range: 40Effect Range: 400Item Consume Id: Energy Stone Item Consume Count: 3
  7. Geo

    Some bugs.

    Also you check and fix disarm land rate.
  8. Geo

    Some bugs.

    Sometimes chars with pet like necro da and paladin when they enter into oly get their pet dissapeared.
  9. Geo

    Some bugs.

    Escapce shacle (daggers skill) doesnt works.
  10. Geo

    Some bugs.

    Critical damage top dagger = 1060 dmg on crit = +70 dmg difference than dual daggers.
  11. Geo

    Some bugs.

    1) Recheck the fame you can gain on fortesses. It 5 instead of 50. 2) Augment duel might (active) not working its +5% pvp dmg and its like 0.5% 3) Fix those macros. Its not like official. On official there is a command " /delay -1 " and needs authorise to be activated. On your files its already emboded as normal effect. There is a lot of unbalance. Gladitors can use aoe non stop Tyrants same. Sph /Necro can use vampiric on the same way =0 DEALY literally.