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  1. PETRA

    some bugs-suggestions i found

    So you are not destroying player skill by changing it's time on the go but if I some shop sell it to me in giran for 2h is ok!? Anyway it's not a big deal but your logic makes 0 sense to me.
  2. PETRA

    cardinal body of avatar

    Nab healers dont use Avatar for heal cause it's not cost efficient (530 mana) and it has a big cooldown (1:30) full buffs. In the same ammount of mana and 1/30 of the time u can cast 2,5 chain heals that will heal more than 75% hp than avatar that will only heal 35%. Now about your issue the skill works just fine and your skillgrp is just wrong. Remove Improved condition and the Body of Avatar will heal you just fine. The problem is when you have improved Condition and use BoA buff system recognises it as inferior skill and doesnt give you the effect at all cause Condition give you 35% HP and 35% MP. That's how l2 was designed to work in off/off like server.
  3. PETRA

    some bugs-suggestions i found

    About buffs you are right when you take buffs from alt+b or offline buff shop it's 2h when you cast buffs to your self or others it's retail time... what's the point in that!?
  4. PETRA

    Smart Guard 3.0

    Please add this if you want the server to last more than 2 weeks!
  5. Anomic Foundy: I understand that this spot is bot paradise but 3% holy stones is not ok for x100 servers!!! Also there are less than 10 greater evil and and 50+ lesser evil...!!! Dragon Valley Center / Lair Entrance: Also in dragon valley dracos assassin spawn number is very small and rates are sh1tty. Mages and Fighters with full buffs and s84 armors don't need a Cardinal to Farm so it's almost impossible for a Cardinal to farm in this server and he needs to always depend on his party farm if he has one. Please do something about it.