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Server Differences

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        Because we received many reports about the differences of our server compared to many other servers out there, we would like to inform people that our files are more close to a PTS server features and they consist in some features in game that you might consider them bug. We would like to assure that it is completely normal and we will post a list of most common questions that we encounter so you will read and assure you know them before playing on our server.


Common Quests:
    - "Don't know Don't care" has retail rewards therefor it is harder to take a good rewards
    - "Don't know don't care" quest bosses are spawning every 4 hours and only the party or CC who makes last hit can take the quest item
    - Joining Orders and participating in Festivals [Dawn or Dusk] are working and it can affect the losing side with a debuff for the rest of the week
    - Behemoth, Drake Lord and Dragon Beast will detect your presence in teleport and they will start their combat

    - Frintezza is more difficult, having a considerable HP regeneration
    - All the instances contains all cinematics
    - Glakias from Hard Freya have a kill-time limit of 5 minutes, otherwise the instance is failed
    - Entering Frintezza requires only for the party leader to have the scroll
    - Zaken instance is fully retail-like, which means you will have to seach for him and the candles even if all candles are lit

Classes / Skills:
    - Sonic Buster from duelists does frontal damage only, and despite the skill animation, it is adjusted as the PTS database and also the skill information
    - Multiple Shot of archers is not modified, having a considerable more range
    - Hide skill from daggers are perfectly original, which means absolutely any other action besides moving gets you out of it
    - Hell Knights has a normal range which players may consider it bigger and cancels between 0-5 buffs with Insane Crusher
    - Battle Roar Skill is not stackable with Improved Condition Skill
    - Noblesse skill cannot be canceled by the enemy
    - Fake Death skill can only be canceled with /stand command
    - Some skills like Lucky Strike on dwarves etc. requires to have an enemy in target         

Farming Zones:
    - The map contains an AI and the mobs are spawning randomly, not always in the same coordinate
    - Hatchlings are a Dragon Valley event like the original version of Hi5, spawning in packs at random hours and running trough DV map
    - Lizardmen Plains debuff works therefor you will take more damage and it will constantly keep you in combat, unable to take buffs
    - Dragon Valey Leeches are in pack of 3
    - Karik and many other mobs drop rates are normal. Therefor you will find harder to get good drops but also you will find all item drops like Ancient and Divine Enchant scrolls on Raids [nothing is modified]
    - The mobs from Force Field Bridge are behaving originally: Moving in families, sometimes running, sometimes walking
    - Dimension Rift is only for low level characters. Having a high-level character will decrease the chance of spoil/drop rate
    - You have a cooldown of 1 minute before spawning another boss from Dragon Valley Vortex
    - Gem dragons move by groups but they don't have Hatchlings and they anchor with a much lesser rate
    - Knoriks have retail-like behavior and attack power [They are much harder to kill]
    - Some mobs and Raids drop list is divided into groups, if the group chance is activated upon death, you will have chances to drop items from that certain group

Items/Weapons/Appearance/Community Board:
    - You can use Ressurection Scrolls from sieges at any time but it will have no effect in open map, only in siege zones
    - The NPCs with the Item Auction located in every big town is perfectly working, with a very low chance of finding valuable Improved Epic Jewels [PTS-Like]
    - Epic Bosses drop rate is completely original, giving you more chances of Top Weapon drops
    - The normal safe-enchant is +3
    - Sending a mail has a delay of 1 to 2 minutes randomly [it's also a PTS feature which we decided to keep]
    - Hero weapons abilities are not modified and they work at the normal rate of PTS

[This list will constantly be updated as we encounter players unaware of the original features]

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