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How To Vote when you have problem !!

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Hello dear players. 

In order to get your vote reward successfully in game you need to do some action, as unfortunately L2Topzone still does not support IPv6 (which some of you may have).  We understand that this may be frustrating to you, as you are all used with the classic .getreward command, but this is an option that we are NOT going to enable, as it's exposing Server's Real IP to the world and makes it vulnerable to DDOS attacks.. 

Solution for now is to disable it. It will not affect anything on your Pcs.

1. Right click your network connections icon in the right bottom corner of your PC and click on Open Network & Internet Settings


2. Next click in the button as you can see in the image below


3. Right click your Internet Connection and choose Properties


4. Un-tick the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) and click OK


5. Done. Try now to get your reward.


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